My name is Sharon. I'm 24, married and have two kids, Brystle and Skyler. I'm mostly a mom blog but I'm passionate about health/fitness, muscle cars, motorcycles, and various geek fandoms.


My New Year’s Resolutions.

- drink green tea every day
- exercise every day (even if it’s a 15 min walk or a few yoga poses)
- eat less processed food
- work toward becoming pescitarian
- volunteer at least once a month
- take cooking classes
- use the tv as a babysitter less often


2014 Resolutions:

Be as swift as a coursing river;

With all the force of a great typhoon;

With all the strength of a raging fire;

Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

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Reblog with when your baby walked!




Pandora was walking at 10.5 months :)

Ashton at 14 months koks at 10 months. :)

Analynn was walking by 10 months :)

Brystle was walking a week after her 1 yr bday.

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Pet peeve:


There is this article going around on Facebook that several of my friends have posted. The gist of the article is that no one knows when they’re under the age of 23 what they want to do with their life and getting married is a cop out way of admitting the world is a scary place.

Let me just…

I’m watching the “Lice” episode of The Office and it’s making my head itch. Bleh.

Supernatural Asks

1: What is your Supernatural OTP?

2: What's your opinion on John Winchester?

3: Which season finale was your favorite/least favorite?

4: Which is your favorite episode?

5: Which episode makes you cry the most?

6: Which episode is the funniest to you?

7: What's your opinion on Megstiel?

8: When did you start watching Supernatural?

9: Which episode title do you think is the funniest?

10: What's your opinion on Garth?

11: If you could bring back any character, would you? If so, whom?

12: Who is your favorite angel?

13: Who's your favorite archangel?

14: What's your opinion on Wincest?

15: What's your opinion on Lisa? (and Ben, if you want)

16: When did you start blogging about Supernatural?

17: Do you think that Chuck is God?

18: Do you have a favorite Dick (Roman) joke? If so, what is it?

19: Which is your favorite episode?

20: Who do you ship Sam with?

21: What's your opinion on Destiel?

22: Did you like the first or second Ruby better?

23: Who's your favorite demon?

24: Do you read smutty fanfiction?

25: Do you think Destiel will become canon in season 9? (Regardless of whether you want it to or not)

26: Have you ever had a dream about Supernatural/the characters/the actors? If so, can you describe what you remember?

27: Which episode is the scariest to you? (Horror-movie type scary)

28: What's your opinion on Sabriel?

29: Do you think End!verse will happen? If so, are you looking forward to it?

30: Do you have any friends off of the Internet that watch Supernatural?

31: Do any of your family members watch Supernatural?

32: What's an unpopular opinion or headcanon you have?

33: Do you like AU fanfics?

34: Have you ever written/started writing a fanfic?

35: What's your opinion on Samifer?

36: If you have an OTP, at what point did you start shipping it?

37: Do you think Sam should have completed the demon trials?

38: Which director/writer is or was your favorite/least favorite?

39: Which actor would you most like to meet in real life?

40: If you could be any character on the show, would you want to? If so, whom? If not, why?

41: Do you prefer cake or pie?

42: What is your opinion on Sastiel?

43: Have you ever made a Supernatural reference out loud and received strange looks from some of the people surrounding you?

44: Have you ever cried over a non-OTP ship from the show?

45: What is your favorite moment from any of the gag reels?

46: Superwholock?

47: What is/was your favorite Sam hair length?

48: What's an unpopular ship you have?

49: What's your opinion on Wincestiel?

50: Can you dig Elvis?

51: Do you listen to Carry On Wayward Son even when you're not just watching a finale?

52: What's your opinion on Zachariah?

53: Do you think Adam will ever get out of the cage? (not as Michael)

54: Do you think Sam should have completed the trials?

55: How long would you survive as a hunter?

56: What's your opinion on Calthazar?

57: Do you have a Netflix account? If so, what's your username and password? Wait a second, just the first part.

58: Have you ever participated in GISHWHES?

59: What movies/shows have you watched because of (or by coincidence) Jared, Jensen, or Misha?

60: If you could change just one thing about the series, what would it be?

61: If you were at a Con, what would be a question you would ask?(can be any of the actors)

62: Why did you start watching Supernatural?

63: What's your opinion on Sam/Crowley?

64: What's your biggest fear for season 9?

65: What's your favorite (or at least a memorable) pop culture reference that has been made on the show?

66: Just a random confession you have regarding the show/Asker makes up their own question.




I am getting the best messages from you guys about good pit experiences. Keep them coming!!

I’m an animal lover. Always have been. The only thing that pisses me off more than animal abuse is child abuse. I see red when I find out about it or see it.

This may be my first dog, but each day I…

I love dogs, and I have two.

i’d personally love to own a staffy

but I have to say there is a reason that pit bulls have the reputation, i’m pretty sure that pits are one of the breeds that when they bite in anger they clamp and don’t let go. My advice is do some research and find out what to do if the worst happens, any dog can have a trigger that will make it turn.  There was a rescue one recently in the news that killed a toddler and she also said there had been no outward sign of aggression!

i’m sorry for pointing that out, I hope you never have any problems and you have many many years of animal goodness :-)

I have looked into what to do if a pit locks on. I read throwing water on them works well to break their concentration. I would not hesitate to bring the hose into the house if she ever locked onto one of the kids. I’m not super knowledgable but I’m guessing hitting the dog or trying to pull it away would only make the situation worse.

But I’m also taking preventative measures and really teaching the boys how to treat her. They are learning.

According to this, a pit’s locking jaw is a myth: